I teach students who are blind or visually impaired to read and write Braille, use screen readers and other assistive technology to help them achieve at the same level as their sighted peers.

I am experienced with and have greatly benefitted from the assistive technologies listed and am constantly evaluating new technologies for myself and for students.

In addition to technology, I think it continues to be very important to be proficient in Braille. I am experienced using and teaching literary Braille and Nemeth Code (Braille for math and science). Competent use of Braille for the blind and visually impaired is just as important as recognizing written characters is for the sighted. Even though assistive technology greatly improves the independence of the blind and visually impaired, Braille usage is very highly correlated with academic and professional achievement.

Screen Readers

  • JAWS (Windows)
  • Window-eyes (Windows)
  • VoiceOver (Mac OS X & iOS)

Braille Assistive Technology

  • BrailleNote Apex
  • BrailleNote Empower
  • Braille Sense Plus
  • Focus 40 Braille Display

Scanning Software

  • Kurzweil 1000

General Computing Devices

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Productivity Software

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Apple iWork (Pages)